Gateshead Cycles has moved to 56 Medcalf St,

Warners Bay.

Gateshead Cycles is a long-established bike store that has served the Newcastle and Hunter cycling community for decades. The business has been an integral part of the Newcastle cycling scene – catering for everyone from children to the serious adult rider – since 1973. At Gateshead Cycles, we want to introduce you to the bike that will meet your requirements. While we specialise in mountain bikes, we also cater for almost every cycling need you can think of.

Staff enthusiasts

The team consists of mature adults and some juniors, who are active cyclists across all styles of riding. We ride a wide range of disciplines, including road, mountain bikes, touring, bikepacking, downhill racing, cross-country, commuting, BMX and even adult trikes.

Beginners to pros

We can take you from your first balance bike to an elite racer and everything in between. We have strong links with the Hunter Mountain Bike Association (having helped with its formation) as well as being involved in social ride co-ordination, juniors cross-country and downhill racing.


Demo rides

If you are interested in our range of high-end bikes, we have a demo program available (subject to conditions) whereby you can test ride our prestige bikes to help make an informed decision before purchasing. We aim to keep our customers satisfied by getting the right bike fit for you.

Service & repairs

Our service and repair department has experienced staff, who will identify what your bike requires and give you a range of options to choose from.